Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Archery Ranges

A Place to Shoot offers the greatest and most diverse shooting experience in the San Antonio area. Targets are pre-set up, so there’s no need to hike to the end of the rifle range or call cease fire anytime a new shooter comes to the line. A Place to Shoot of additional features like self serve skeet shooting, built in spotting scopes, bench rests, and gravity fed retrievable targets for the pistol range. Rifle, Handgun, and Archery all offer covered firing lines, while the shotgun ranges have nearby cover to escape the sun. And don’t forget the range dogs!

Rifle Ranges

25 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards, and 200 yards

Pistol Ranges

Self service adjustable ranges, 1 to 18 yards

Shotgun Ranges

Skeet, Country Doubles, Trap, Crazy Quail

Archery Ranges

20 yards, 30 yards, 40 yards, and 50 yards

Rifle Range

Pistol Range

Shotgun Range

Archery Range